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Transform Your Health and Life

Transform Your Health and LifeTransform Your Health and LifeTransform Your Health and Life

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What is Thanks For Sharing?

‘Thanks For Sharing’ is a new health, wellness and transformation project drawing on the science, evidence base and experience of Lynne McTaggart’s ‘Power of 8’ groups and Integral Sound Healing as taught by the Sound Healing Academy.   

This is a modern version of ancient wisdom, which suggests that the more we focus on helping others, and the less we focus on our ourselves, the more we all collectively benefit.

Why Thanks For Sharing?

The project is named ‘Thanks for Sharing’ because this is likely to be a common way that participants will express their gratitude when they experience profound healing and transformation for themselves and others as a result of engaging in the process.

How can you share?

 In this process, people will be sharing in many ways:

  • sharing support for each other
  • sharing intentions for healing and transformation
  • sharing loving kindness and compassion for themselves and others
  • sharing positive outcomes from participating in the group
  • sharing the journey
  • and more…


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